Passionate about content, I started my professional journey as a journalist in a magazine. Motivated by the digital revolution, I switched gears to explore the world of communication at large. I wore multiple hats from that of a copywriter to producer to assistant director for various renowned brands.  Over the years, I have produced integrated campaigns across all media, which primed me to tell stories to build brands. 

Having worked with collaborative teams of storytellers, creative and technologists in problem solving using design and advanced storytelling approaches, I have evolved to be a multidisciplinary storyteller with an expansive range of production experience across print, digital, broadcast productions, Virtual Reality (VR) and games. 

I hold a BA honours degree in English Literature, followed by two Masters degrees: the first one being in Mass Communication and the latter in Digital and Interactive Storytelling.

Given my experience and education, I can embody both the creative and the business strategist. As a result, I recently took the bold leap and co-founded an independent gaming studio in London – Wordplay – focussing on creating narrative heavy games.

When I’m not brainstorming ideas or furiously typing away, you’ll find me clicking pictures, reading, or learning new softwares (SparkAR, Unity, to name a few). 

Creativity makes me happy, hence I am always looking forward to learn, collaborate and create. If you’ve got an interesting project, please shoot me a message at

Wordplay Games is the winner of UK Games Fund for Tranzfuser 2020


Copywriter | Creative Producer | Assistant Director | Social Media Strategist


Co- Founder | Producer | Narrative Designer

Co- Founded an independent gaming studio with a distinct style towards storytelling.

Experimenting with typography and storytelling in Augmented Reality.

A VR Interactive Supermarket game about the consequences of our shopping basket.

A mobile application aimed at enhancing the overall in store supermarket shopping experience.


I enjoy storytelling— and photography enables me to tell stories.

I challenged myself to tell a story in the existing light, using available equipments like smartphones. It’s a different type of storytelling.  It’s a story that I don’t know the end of yet.


A journey into contemplative moments of international students.


Three-image stories on the experience of lockdown.


Capturing the storytelling walls across the streets of London.


Maghrib (مَغْرِب‎), meaning ‘the west’, is a photography book featuring images of places, events, emotions and encounters in the United Kingdom created using existing light. Serving as a documentary and an artistic interpretation, the book takes you on a visual journey of the west from a perspective of an Eastern.

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