Passionate about content, I started my professional journey as a journalist in a magazine. Being a creative person at heart, I am always in research mode and take a keen interest in offbeat content creation techniques.

 I have produced integrated campaigns across all media for Unilever, Tata Sky, LG, HearAngel.

I hold a BA honours degree in English Literature, followed by two Masters degrees: the first one being in Mass Communication and the latter in Digital and Interactive Storytelling.

I recently co-founded Wordplay Games, an indie studio working on engaging narrative games.

Currently I am the Lead Narrative Designer and Producer on a story driven puzzle game called Days Lost. The demo version has won multiple awards. I am also a Facilitator at Tranzfuser helping indie game companies to produce their games.


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Days Lost is the winner of UK Games Fund for Tranzfuser 2020


Copywriter | Creative Producer | Assistant Director | Social Media Strategist


Co- Founder | Producer | Narrative Designer

Co- Founded an independent gaming studio with a distinct style towards storytelling.

Experimenting with typography and storytelling in Augmented Reality.

A VR Interactive Supermarket game about the consequences of our shopping basket.

A mobile application aimed at enhancing the overall in store supermarket shopping experience.


I enjoy storytelling— and photography enables me to tell stories.

I challenged myself to tell a story in the existing light, using available equipments like smartphones. It’s a different type of storytelling.  It’s a story that I don’t know the end of yet.


A journey into contemplative moments of international students.


Three-image stories on the experience of lockdown.


Capturing the storytelling walls across the streets of London.


Maghrib (مَغْرِب‎), meaning ‘the west’, is a photography book featuring images of places, events, emotions and encounters in the United Kingdom created using existing light. Serving as a documentary and an artistic interpretation, the book takes you on a visual journey of the west from a perspective of an Eastern.

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