Days Lost

Days Lost is a story about recovering memories using diary entries. It is a narrative puzzle game that follows the forgotten journey of Natalia, the 24-year-old protagonist. On her birthday, she decides to take off on a little adventure- her first solo trip- which unfortunately ends with an accident bruising her memories. Amidst an indefinite lockdown, she has no one but her diary by her side, in which she created a fascinating archive of her daily life. The game centres around putting together the pieces using Natalia’s diary entries and recovering the memories of days that she lost.

As a lead narrative designer, I create immersive dialogue and narrative content for all characters, environment for Days Lost.

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Days Lost


Days Lost is an award winning narrative puzzle game. The game is about recovering the forgotten memories of young girl named Natalia using her diary entries.

Days Lost has won the Audience Awards followed by Tranzfuser 2020 hosted by UK Games Fund

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