My love for empowering storytelling that jumpstarts social dialogue led to birth of the Act of Shopping, which is a VR Interactive Supermarket game about the consequences of our shopping basket. The aim of the game is to inform people about the result of the choices we make during grocery shopping. It is an attempt to make the players ponder upon the impact of their choices on their own health and also on the wider environment that is, the health of the Earth. The experience will challenge the players to buy listed products with an allotted amount of money or in a given amount of time. The ambition was to create an experience that has an emotional resonance, which leaves the audience with a lasting memory. The player receives a physical receipt with the consequences of the purchases made at the virtual supermarket.

The process involved extensive collaboration, project management and a lot of research at every stage of production. Indulging in multiple roles, I earned an aesthetic eye for conceptual vision, sense of sequence and narrative construction along with agile planning and execution.

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