The Big Idea Competition is the University of Westminster’s annual business idea and innovation competition sponsored by Santander Universities UK. The competition drives students and graduates to develop and activate their innovation skills and entrepreneurial ideas.

Participating in the competition, I incorporated storytelling to breathe life into the product idea. SuperCompanion is a mobile application aimed at enhancing the overall in store supermarket shopping experience. The app is the result following a few frustrating trips to the supermarkets.

SuperCompanion app believes in nurturing the connection between the customer and the supermarkets long before the customer has left his/her home and even after the customer has left the supermarket. The app, with the feature of guiding the customers to the right aisle, option of making a shopping list and give food waste alerts, works like a companion for the customers.

As a finalist, I ideated on-

  • Business model design
  • Customer development
  • Competitive research
  • Pricing strategies
  • Features and product roadmap

Collaborating with an iOS developer, I put forward the prototype of the application.

Using this app, the user can locate the right aisle for the products, find the local names of the product, follow recipes and receive food waste alerts. Supermarkets typically contain a lot of inventory pieces, which keeps changing, making this feature a must-have for any first-time customer.

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