“disLAB presents” is a series of encounters organised by the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB MA at the University of Westminster, focussing on digital journalism, interactive documentary, apps for social change, VR, educational video games or just digital communication.

Victoria Mapplebeck is an award-winning artist and Director, who has been experimenting with smartphone film production for the last ten years. Being a smartphone photography fanatic, I could relate to her work at a number of levels. So, when I was given the task of designing a poster for the event, it got me all excited to translate her work into a design concept.

The goal of the poster was to invite people to the event. Keeping the target audience of young people in mind, the poster is strategically designed in the form of a smartphone’s lock screen with an image of the speaker, with her smartphone, as the wallpaper. The information about the event and the speaker is presented in the form of messages. Just like in any smartphone, in order to read or interact with the message, one needs to unlock the phone, here scanning the QR code will take the person to the event registration page.

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