LG Electronics, focused on developing new innovations across the globe, offers a wide range of products across areas including, TV & Home Entertainment, Kitchen, Laundry, Computers, Air Conditioning & Solar. In a competitive marketplace where many others focus on look and style of mobile phones, LG Electronics unveiled its new V20 mobile with US Military certified durability.

The brief was to make a cheerful brand film for LG V20 mobile, highlighting the agony of phone breakage and how LG V20 is the solution for the most robust phone. The motive should be to make the consumer connect with the situation. The film should end with a dynamic and powerful depiction of the product (V20) that replaces the conventional & painful with convenience.

We realised we needed to reach our audience in the channels they are using now. I decided to take a bold and simple creative approach to tell a story that was relatable and also lighthearted with a strong messaging. The film tweaks a famous plot from a Bollywood classic, Sholay- an action adventure film set in 1975, offering a few new twists to the familiar characters and iconography.

The spot sees the protagonist, Veeru, known for the drama that he creates, standing on top of a water tank threatening to end life. Following a misunderstanding with his bae, Vajyanti, he announces to be disconnected from the world and pretends to let go of his mobile phone. His partner is exasperated with the chaos as she witnesses him drop his phone from that height. She then realizes that it was just another trick because Veeru has LG V20, which doesn’t break. This reveals that there has been a humorous take of misunderstanding. The key take out from the film was that LG V20 is the most durable and  has no worries of accidental breakage.